Welcome to the easiest revolution in the world

We reduce the environmental impact of house cleaning without complicating your life, because cleaning is already annoying enough.

We have concentrated normal cleaning products in convenient effervescent tablets.

Small, light, colorful. Kind of like unicorn poop.

Less plastic, less CO2. But above all, less hassle.

You already have water at home, why buy it again?

All different, all at your service.

In our world, every product has a name and a face, as well as a pretty quirky personality.

Why? Because we were bored.

Simple, like 1, 2, 3

environmentalist rants!

No more guilt, no more arguments, no more Us-Who-Do-Well against Them-Who-Do-Bad. Now is the time to think about how to make change so easy that it can't be resisted.

Because change always produces friction, but friction can be eased, you just need a little lubricant.

And we do know quite a bit about grease.

The global impact of our Community