Don't call us intense,

call us concentrated

Because that's what we are. Laser-focused on reducing the environmental impact of cleaning your house, without it being a burden on you. We use a scientifically top-notch approach but also a good dose of irony, because you don't need to take it seriously to be serious.

We began because we think it's time to do more and better. But that doesn't mean we need to get bored doing it.

You can skip this part,
we believe in what everyone else believes in
(but better)


Problems are complex but solutions can be simple. We believe it is our responsibility to make doing the right thing easy, convenient and immediate.

Common sense

We believe in the lost power of common sense and we strongly reject all extremisms. Because there isn't one Truth, only "our best until we do better".

Show your work

We like transparency and are used to showing our work and discussing openly. Because only by measuring yourself can you understand how to improve.

Better than before

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to be a positive force for change, combining a social purpose with profit and adding more value to the world than they take from it.
  • If you really want, you can find our short boring manifesto here

    ...Okay, if we really have to be serious, we should tell you that...

    We want to offer innovative products and approaches that give the chance to make those small changes in our habits. It's these that allow us to reduce our environmental impact almost without realizing it.
    Because the first step towards running a marathon is getting off the couch.

    We want to provide the tools to understand a bit better this greenwashed world, where words like "sustainable", "green", "eco" have been abused to the point of being emptied of meaning.
    Because knowing more is the only way to allow everyone to make the best choices for everybody, on their own.

    We want to propose a new way of talking about environmental impact and its reduction: easy, fun and guilt-free. Because the last time guilt led somewhere was when we honored our new year resolutions.

But who is really behind POOLITO?

We've tried to spare you, but if you've made it this far, maybe you really want to know.

Behind POOLITO there are few people, very few, technically just one person. Alessandra.

Young, woman, solo entrepreneur? Looks a bit made up...

After graduating in Physics in Milan and getting her PhD in Chemistry in Melbourne, she barely escaped the dreaded Post-Doc-Because-I-Don’t-Know-What-Else-To-Do and went back to Italy, with the beauty of the irrepressible nature of Australia forever imprinted in her brain.

STEM graduate? Who goes back to Italy? Giving up surfers and kangaroos?? Of course...

We will never know if it was the experience of other ways of working and looking at the world, the difficulty of adapting to Italian small businesses dynamics or the arrogant conviction of being able to make a contribution to society by doing something new. We just know that at the end of 2019 Alessandra finally decided and founded POOLITO. Just in time for the pandemic. Classic.

Bah, given the level of bad luck, this part could well be true...

What else to say? Since then, she's really been doing her best. And even if technically she is the only one behind the project, the truth is that the only reason she has not yet been shipwrecked is because she has a group of Friends-The-Good-Ones and Collaborators-The-Valid-Ones who do not give up on her, even when she does.

Look! She's humble too!

Now, if you really are curious about those insignificant details, like what the title of her doctoral thesis - read by a grand total 4 people around the world -, here you can find her LinkedIn profile.