Before we begin, a note from the Author.

Welcome to the most frustrating blog in the world!

You've probably landed here looking for clear-cut answers, for someone to tell you what is the right thing to do, what to buy, what to believe in. If so, I must warn you: you are in the wrong place.

And this is not because I don't have my own personal position (I really do). I just believe that, especially now, we need less Revealed Truths and more Methods of Reasoning, so that everyone can decide for themselves what their position is.

This is why I decided to write these mini-articles: to give you small facts, bits of knowledge, as fast and simple as possible, that will enable you to get your idea on things. And if I will also be able to inoculate you a little bit against crap and blahblahblah, I'll be even happier.

And with that I think I have lost 50% of the people who have come this far. Damn.