The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to illustrate our values and our vision of the world, so that they are clear and transparent for all our stakeholders. In addition, we hope that it will also serve as a guide for all of our collaborators to enable them to operate professionally and ethically.

Purpose and values of the company

At POOLITO we believe that, in the face of the environmental crisis we are going through, it is everyone's duty and responsibility to change their habits and adopt more sustainable lifestyles.
However, we are aware that cultural changes cannot take place overnight; similarly, they can not be too sudden or too wide, otherwise resistance occurs.
That’s why we want to create smart products and solutions enabling everyone to reduce their to waste, without upsetting their habits too much.

We believe that a business model based alone on profit maximization is obsolete and shortsighted. Businesses have the responsibility of being a positive force for change, adding social value to profit and putting more value into the world than they take. This is why we decided to be a Benefit Corporation, affirming our commitment through our legal form and legally binding ourselves to respect what we profess.

We believe in the lost power of common sense and we categorically reject all extremisms: there is no single truth, only "our best until we can do better".
This is not an acquittal or lack of drive towards improvement, only the recognition of the complexity of reality and of our inevitable fallibility.

We know that trust is a precious asset and we want to show that we deserve it. This is why we try to approach everything with transparency and responsibility, showing our work and confronting ourselves openly. Only by measuring where we are at can we understand how to improve.

Employees and professional conduct

We seek to nurture the talent, health, happiness, education and skills of our employees, honouring their diversity and promoting their ideas, recognition and aspirations.
We try to create a fair and stimulating work environment that makes people feel appreciated and free to express their opinion at any time.
We value resourcefulness, honesty and respect above all else. This is why we expect our employees to be respectful with each other and with anyone lese outside the company they might come in contact with, be it a customer, a partner or a competitor.
Discrimination of any kind is inconsistent with our mission and values and will therefore not be tolerated.

We expect our employees to behave in line with our core values, as resulting from this Code of Ethics.


We believe in respecting agreements in good faith and transparency towards the customer: for more, we refer to the guidelines indicated in our Code of Ethics on Marketing, which can be found here.
We expect our employees to treat customers with courtesy and kindness. When problems arise, we expect them to be addressed fairly and appropriately.