Things that we don't care about

The color of your skin and hair, your gender, who you like to hang out with, where are your parents from, your shoe size, how many times a day you go to the toilet...

Things that we do care about

Your skills, your experience, your passion, your values, your own distinctive voice. Your resourcefulness, your point of view, your ability to take things at heart, to go off the beaten track, to get involved. That you are a person of integrity and honesty and that you are not afraid to get your hands dirty.

This is not a place for those who spare themselves; it is a place for those who want to make a difference and build the change they dream of seeing in the world every day. With hope, kindness, and irony.

If you recognize yourself in this description, send us your CV and a short cover letter.
We already know it would be nice to meet you.