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Bathroom cleaner

1 dose = 750 ml

DOUCHY is always in the bathroom. Not to get it dirty, but to clean it.
With its double action, it doesn't go easy on limescale or gloss over soap residues.
It adapts to all hard surfaces without making too much of a fuss, but don't underestimate it: it can be acid and inhospitable to germs like Trump with Mexicans.
After DOUCHY has done its job, you won't be able to wait to show your bathroom to your guests.

90 g


140 g


> 90% of ingredients of natural origin

WGK class: non-hazardous to waters

No microplastics

Packaging from industrial waste (Yayy bagasse!!!)

  • Instructions for use

    • insert 2 tablets in an empty and clean bottle;
    • add 750 ml of tap water;
    • wait an hour without closing the bottle;
    • close and shake gently;
    • spray on a damp cloth or directly on surfaces and clean as usual;
    • does not require rinsing
  • Ingredients and safety



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