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Multi-surface cleaner

Refill = 3 doses = 3x750 ml

Fundamentally scattered but also very down to earth, MOOLTY is our unlikely Mr. Wolf: it comes, solves problems and goes always, leaving no trace.
Whether it's countertops, tables or floors, it adapts to any situation with gentle firmness, because it knows you don't need to be aggressive to be effective.
A courteous but decisive fixer that you will no longer be able to live without.

270 g


420 g


> 90% of ingredients of natural origin

WGK class: non-hazardous to waters

No microplastics

Packaging from industrial waste (Yayy bagasse!!!)

  • Instructions for use

    • insert 2 tablets in an empty and clean bottle;
    • add 750 ml of tap water;
    • wait an hour without closing the bottle;
    • close and shake gently;
    • for furniture and furnishing accessories, spray on a damp cloth or directly on the surfaces;
    • for floors, dilute 50 ml (about an espresso cup) in 5 liters of water;
    • does not require rinsing
  • Ingredients and safety



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