MSD home kit

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Surface, kitchen, bathroom

1 dose for each product

Someone is knocking on your door. No, it isn't Jehovah's Witnesses. It's Poolito with its Surface Kit.
MOOLTY all-purpose cleaner, SGREASY kitchen cleaner and DOUCHY bathroom cleaner are here to take care of everything, so your brain can take a break.
They are quite different, but they know how to play as a team. With them by your side, you’ll be able to face every filthy situation the universe will throw your way and always come out flawless.
So don't think about it too much and give yourself a full dose of MSD. But be careful - it can be addictive.

270 g


420 g


> 90% of ingredients of natural origin

WGK class: non-hazardous to waters

No microplastics

Packaging from industrial waste (Yayy bagasse!!!)

  • Instructions for use

    The kit contains one dose of MOOLTY, one dose of SGREASY and one dose of DOUCHY. Each dose will allow you to obtain 750 ml of product.
    For more specific information on the characteristics and use of each product, please refer to the relevant pages.

  • Ingredients and safety


    Labelling Douchy

    Labelling Sgreasy

    Labelling Moolty

    Medical sheets