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Glass detergent

Refill = 3 doses = 3x750 ml

It doesn't matter if it's a window or a coffee table, SGLOSSY can't put up with provocations: it takes on all challenges without fear and doesn't give up until it can see clearly.

With Mr. Miyagi technique, it fends off drops and fingerprints, still remaining calm and balanced.
But don't be fooled by its nonchalance: against toothpaste spits and water marks it is simply... relentless.

270 g


420 g


> 90% of ingredients of natural origin

WGK class: non-hazardous to waters

No microplastics

Packaging from industrial waste (Yayy bagasse!!!)

  • Instructions for use

    • insert the tablet in an empty and clean bottle;
    • add 750 ml of tap water;
    • wait an hour without closing the bottle;
    • close and shake gently;
    • use on glass as usual
  • Ingredients and safety



    Medical sheets