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Kitchen degreaser

1 dose = 750 ml

For SGREASY, the kitchen has no secrets. It hunts dirt and grime like a drug sniffer dog at customs.
When it mobilizes, it doesn't foam like mad dogs. It’s respectful but relentless. Easy to rinse, it sends to heaven all kinds of dirt without looking anyone in the face.
Some say it's a bit too basic but the truth is that it just likes to get right to the point.
A kitchen sniper, with only one goal: a clean conscience.

90 g


140 g


> 90% of ingredients of natural origin

WGK class: non-hazardous to waters

No microplastics

Packaging from industrial waste (Yayy bagasse!!!)

  • Instructions for use

    • insert 2 tablets in an empty and clean bottle;
    • add 750 ml of tap water;
    • wait a couple of hours without closing the bottle (yes, this formulation is more concentrated and is also a little slower to dissolve);
    • close and shake gently;
    • spray on surfaces and clean as usual.
  • Ingredients and safety



    Medical sheets