Starter kit

incl. VAT 35.90 €

3 aluminum bottle set

Includes a MSD WHOLE HOUSE kit

Utterly useless yet incredibly desirable, these aluminum bottles are just what you need if you really can't wait to finish off of the products you already have and reuse their plastic bottles.

We really don’t encourage you to buy them (because after all you don't need them) but if you just can't resist their eye-catching colors, then you'll be taking home handy unbreakable containers that will last forever. So you can pass them on to your children, your children's children, your children's children's children...

It contains aluminum bottles for DOUCHY, SGREASY e MOOLTY and a MSD WHOLE HOUSE kit.




Capacity: 750 ml

Spray+foam nozzle

Indefinitely recyclable

You can drop it carefree

Really really really ridiculously goodlooking