We believe that all marketing efforts must provide real value to the target audience in order to enable the Company to earn their loyal attention and trust.

Too often we see dishonest marketing strategies that take advantage of the consumer's naivety or lack of tools to pursue their goals.
We believe this is deeply wrong and ultimately harmful to the whole of society.

For this we are committed to:

  • never use dishonest marketing tactics for our campaigns, such as misleading advertising, exaggerating the values and benefits of our products, fake news, fake reviews and testimonials;
  • not to alter reported data or inflate analyses or results when creating marketing messages;
  • not to communicate false promises or make unrealistic claims about our products;
  • not to hide information or data from the public that could negatively impact them;
  • not to use the data of our customers for any other purpose than those for which they were communicated to us and in any case never without the customer's consent.

Given the area in which we operate, we are particularly sensitive to and against the phenomenon of green washing. This widely adopted practice consists in communicating beneficial aspects or actions - especially at the environmental level - not because they are rooted in an authentic intention to do good, but exclusively for the benefit of sales.
Specifically, we strongly reject the approach that involves the abuse of words such as "sustainable", "eco", "green", without them being supported by explanations, data and intrinsic limitations.

For this we are committed to:

  • Use only words that correctly describe our products or the impact we are promoting, supporting our statements with adequate documentation and explain their meaning as clearly as possible;
  • wherever possible, report the sources of our information, which must be reliable and have a serious reputation;
  • do not use any charitable initiative to distract the public from negative social or environmental problems directly caused by our products or services.